Onderstaande mail kreeg ik vandaag van Funky Junk, Misschien iets voor een van jullie?

Funky Junk is currently completing the installation of equipment in a new audio facility (Bravo Studios) attached to Tbilisi Television in Georgia, close to the Turkish border. The main music recording facility features a new SSL Duality console, Protools HD3 rig, ATC monitors and high end outboard/microphone collection. A feature of the studio is the massive live room, equally suitable for professional pop, rock or classical recording. Additional facilities include a mastering suite (Maselec, HD3 etc) and production/programming (Protools, C24 etc). Bravo are looking to employ an experienced audio engineer for an intial 12 month period to supervise production and training of resident staff. The ideal candidate will have some experience of post production as well as music recording and ideally mastering. The salary is rubbish, to be honest, at £12-£14,000 for the year plus accomodation, expenses, two return flights to Europe and holidays, but fringe benefits are ample and the cost of living in Tibilisi a fraction of that in the UK. Most of all, though, this is an excellent opportunity for an engineer with a sense of adventure who wants to be a pivital figure in an emerging economy, responsible for the developing Georgia’s first fully professional music recording facility.

For more details, please reply with a CV and a smile.

Je kunt mailen naar FunkyJunk mocht het je wat lijken. Wel leuk dat ze hun email-adressenbestand gebruiken voor zulke vacatures.

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  1. Jammer dat het zo ver fietsen is…

  2. Avontuurlijk! Voor diegene die dit aankan

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