Mike Shipley interview

Op de site van Universal Audio kwam ik een leuk interview tegen met Mike Shipley. Als je tussen de reclame door kunt lezen is het de moeite waard. Vooral deze alinea, over het opnemen en mixen van de Maroon5 plaat, sprak me aan:

They tracked for like nine months, I think, writing and tracking up there with Mutt. Then the band came back here, and we cut some vocals, and some percussion overdubs, and that kind of stuff. We’ve been in here for about four or five weeks, and we’re just on our second mix. So a lot of it’s been adding stuff to the record, re-doing some vocals, and adding some keyboards and so forth. Some programming.

Now we’re into mixing, we’re taking a long time over each mix, and it’s going to be a great record. We’re just working as hard as we can to make it great. It definitely isn’t a one-song-a-day kind of thing. It isn’t that kind of a record, where a lot of people are under the pressure to get a song done a day, or whatever. There’s a lot of people who like to factory mix, in a way, to get things done, but we like to spend a bit of time, at least two or three days on each mix, and it gives us the benefit of really experimenting with changing the song around, and the drum sounds, the feel, that kind of stuff.

Check het interview hier…

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