Toto’s “Africa”

Wederom een mooi verhaal:

It was no surprise to engineer Al Schmitt. When we started that album, the first track we did was Rosanna and it was the second take, with the improv creative piano solo on the way out and I think the second track we did was Africa he recalls. I had a friend who said to me, Next time you’re going to be up for a Grammy, let me know. I want to go to the Grammys. Right after we cut that second track, I called my friend and said: Start getting your tickets. It was just magic.

Bovenstaand verhaal komt van een van mijn favoriete “studioverhalen”, zoals er een heleboel staan op de”the mix” site.

Luister het liedje, en lees het verhaal hier…

Meer over bij “As loud as” muziek opnemen

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