Zappa U47

Ik vond een aantal leuke quotes van Frank Zappa. Een boel mensen vragen hem van alles, waaronder “wat is een U47” en zijn antwoord daarop is:

“The U47 by Telefunken is a VERY expensive relic from the days of vacuum tube amplification systems and anyone fortunate enough to own one MIGHT let you look at it (from a distance) for a price. Actually touching one is out of the question. Every one I have seen has been hand carried and kept under lock and key. They are a condenser microphone with a vacuum tube preamp and have what is subjectively called a “warm sound” compared to modern devices. The U47 is invaluable when recording a no-talent puke with a “fingernails on a chalkboard” type voice, as it can almost make them sound human. It can make a talented performer sound superhuman and a quality instrument sound like angels singing.

Several decades ago, Telefunken was bought out by, or changed their name to, Neuman (sic) (pronounced Noy_man) and released the U87, a modern version with squarish edges and a solid state preamp. They are expensive but very common and are seen in radio stations and in rock videos, usually with a round, white “spit-screen” in front of them.

If you have a chance to get either one TAKE IT! Even if you are not a musician.

A U47 would probably get you a lifetime of backstages passes or at least the first pick of the groupies.
Note: The other German microphone company spells their name “Neumann”, and also made U47, U67 tube microphones. I am not sure what the difference is between a Telefunken U47 and a Neumann U47.”

Meer vragen en antwoorden (“did you ever ate shit on stage?”) check je hier…

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  1. A U47 would probably get you a lifetime of backstages passes or at least the first pick of the groupies.

    gelijk halen dat ding!!

  2. Ik koop er 2 in dat geval. Een voor mezelf en een voor als ik die eerste kwijtraak!

  3. lijkt me wijs…
    als je dan zang opneemt in de studio … kun je tenminste een goeie talkback mic er tegenover zetten.

  4. Gewoon in het plafond inbouwen. En dan alle zang met een Tehringer opnemen.

  5. ik heb hier een paar u 47 pizza/cola boeren in 24 bits 48 khz wave formaat.

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